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Fully committed for transforming Business to Grow and Consolidate by connecting with Capital

Inverziona is fully committed to design and develop financial strategies for companies who need to Grow, Consolidate or Divest for success! We apply Financial Performance and Cash Flow Management proven Methodologies to boost Senior Management´s Vision in its internal dimensions: Processes, Organizational Structure, Technology and Human Talent Management.

Scope of Services

  • Business transformation for Profitability and Liquidity.

    • Business Plan and Financial Projections.

    • Balance Sheet Analysis and Administration.

    • Financial Project Management.

    • KPI Consulting, Valuation and M&As.

  • Banking Credit Audits.

  • Access to Capital Markets Private through Securities Issuance in Panama (Corporate and Real Estate Notes, Bonds, Shares).
  • CFO Outsourced (Outsourced Financial Director).

Management Consulting

Inverziona is fully committed to the business and financial development of our clients. We offer Consulting solutions to companies seeking growth and profitability strategies, business conversion, or divest strategically. We formulate and implement Financial Strategies on Results, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow. That´s our meaning of Value-Creation Consulting.

  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting Consulting to improve Cash Flow and Business profitability. 3 to 5 weeks.

  • Consulting for Process Redesign, Technology, Organizational Structure, & People. 3 to 5 weeks.

  • Accounting and Finance Services in Outsourcing. Monthly service.

  • Marketing and Promotion Services: Definition of Marketing and Commercial Strategy, Design of Marketing Material, SEO Strategy and SEM for digital media.

  • Obtaining loans for companies (short, medium and long term credits, for export and restructuring). 3 to 5 weeks.

  • Capital raising for companies and projects. 6 to 9 weeks.

We apply our understanding of positive financial impact on Cash Flow by reducing Cash-to-Cash (conversion cycle), and increasing margins by redesigning powerful dimensions: Processes, Organizational Structure, Technology & People.

Corporate Finance

With our expert advice we optimize the potential of your business, using Corporate Finance tools, either by seeking new opportunities for mergers & acquisitions, organic growth, or by analyzing the best options in the market to carry out a sale, or debt / capital funding processes, efficiently and satisfying everybody´s comfort levels.

Our professionals provide a whole conglomerate of investment banking diagnostics, envisioning and structuring for Debt and Equity funding accesing capital markets. We provide global experience and execution skills to our clients, which allows Inverziona to offer financial and strategic advice, a combination that is difficult to find in Latin American markets.

Experience in global markets combined with experience in local markets, allows us to offer our clients access to investment and acquisition opportunities according to their needs throughout the region, supported by our strategic location and a network of contacts, adding immense value and a distinctive advantage compared to other entities located outside the region.

Full Range of Corporate Finance Advisory Services:

  • Financial Modelling.

  • Valuation.

  • Debt and Equity Structuring.

  • Real Estate Development Project Finance.

  • Public Issuance Structuring.

  • Best Efforts Placements (Short/Long term Notes and IPOs).

  • Mergers & Acquisitions.

  • Corporate Finance Advisory

  • Creative Solutions and Value-Creating Results Strategies

Access to a network of Trust Entities, Pay Agents, Broker-Dealer Houses, Asset Managers, Licensed Advisors and Licensed Realtors supporting us as independent players.

Asset Liability Management

ALM is the administration of affected policies and procedures to embrace financial risks associated with volatilities in Interest Rates, Exchange Rates and other factors that may affect the institution´s Liquidity.

ALM main objective is to limit risk to acceptable levels, through constant monitoring and anticipating possible price gaps or differences between assets and liabilities.

As a consequence of financial crisis in 2008, new restrictions and consequences entered the banks internationally (Basel III).

Correctly measure what it costs to fund an asset, allow banks to be more competitive and focus efforts on more profitable business lines / products.

The challenge is that as the entity grows and the regulations for the industry increase, the standardization of policies and procedures allows to maintain control of the associated risks and make the Balance even more profitable.

The Superintendence of Banks of Panama recently issued a circular to promote the implementation of the principles of ALM.

Typical approach

  • Deposit stability and Liquidity indicators.

  • Transfer Price

  • Findings & Recommendations

Compliance with the regulations of the Banking Superintendence regarding Basel III is ensured.

Improvement of the “Net Interest Margin”.

  • Improvement in risk underwriting in asset operations.
  • Product profitability.
  • Leverage Optimization.

Balance solidity for future crises.

A work tool is delivered that processes historical data, is practical and easy to handle.
Personnel in charge are trained under the “hands-on” mode.

Credit Risk Advisory

Delivering a customized approach to credit risk management.

Maintaining an effective credit risk management function remains a critical objective for all financial institutions to drive profitability. Deploying a comprehensive credit review function remains one of the most effective activities within the credit risk management framework. Despite this, many financial institutions have difficulty carrying out these activities due to operating and resource constraints, including lack of availability of resources and time-consuming manual reviews and documentation processes.

RSM’s credit risk solutions are designed and delivered by a team of qualified and diverse credit risk professionals—including former regulators, credit analysts, lenders, chief credit officers and CPAs—that understands the unique credit risk issues financial institution face. We work with you to:

  • Deliver credit review services through outsourcing and co-sourcing engagements
  • Design a credit risk framework customized to the needs and risk profile of your organization
  • Produce meaningful risk recommendations through our flexible loan level methodology
  • Realize the benefits of a data aggregator to aid your credit risk assessments through our advanced technology system, Credit Review Assistant.

Through the support of our credit risk services and solution, you can gain confidence in your organizations approach to credit risk.

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