Client Investment Vehicles and Opportunities (Panama)

Latin American markets with a lack of Equity funding sources are a big opportunity for those international investors and institutions who seek for opportunistic and strategic income-producing assets with high estimated capital appreciation. Innovative structures, blended returns, Strategic Partners, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) and Corporate Governance are several critical success factors that has to be in consideration.

Panama outlook for Investment
Panama is the most attractive country with ample opportunities for investment and distribution of financial investments. The local financial and tax laws of Panama are well adapted to external investors. For all foreigners who wish to invest their financial capital, the country offers the most attractive conditions and instruments to protect confidential rights. It is for this reason that Panama often attracts businessmen who strive for maximum security for their savings abroad. And the most important thing with the task of asset preservation is the mechanism of foundation creation.

Our approach is to join investors and Inverziona General Partners into specific sectors and deal opportunities, with attractive returns above 8.0% p.a. Hurdle Rate +Success dividends, into an asset protection entity in US$ Dollars.

The investment funds in Panama have a traditional structure. It presents creators and information from open access. In this case, the founders can be specified both private and legal persons with different foreign citizenship.

Inverziona Investments
Inverziona will provide you with opportunities to invest in Projects and Businesses in Panama and throughout the world through Panama-based Private Investment Funds (PPIFs). You will have the opportunity to access private agreements and mandates obtained from projects/deals, originated for and by Inverziona, for mezzanine, pure equity and debt private placements.

Inverziona typically offers investment projects in various asset categories, e.g.: Mixed-use land banking; Local Banks´ defaulted assets and opportunistic short-time sales; debt funding backed with Properties and/or pure capital investment in Real Estate Projects (Residential developments for Panamanian middle income segment); Commercial and Mixed-Use developments in Panama; Corporate Loans; as well as Public-Private Infrastructure construction Joint-Ventures; Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas; Hospitality; Movie-shooting Studios; Franchised Fast Food Restaurants; Retail; and other sectors.

Equity investments: Project Funding Investments from US$ 150,000. Focused on Panamanian Middle-Income Class Housing. Pending to be Released 2020. Estimated dividend Hurdle Rate range from 8.50% p.a. to 12.50% p.a. upon investment portfolio performance.  Investment periods typically range from 18 months to 3 -5 years. Monthly, Quarterly and Semi-Annual Dividend Payments depending on investment maturity plan. Tax Rate on Dividends derived from income-producing activities and invested capital on Panamanian soil is typically ten percent (10.0%).

Guiding Principles
The Founders of Inverziona, Board of Directors, Advisors, Strategic Partners and Associates always adhere to our Code of Conduct at all levels, and are guided by the following principles:

  • Always prioritize the interests of Clients in all actions and commitments.
  • Earn Client’s trust by always acting with integrity for the benefit of the Client.
  • Manage the funds of our investors professionally and efficiently.
  • Be transparent before our regulators, inspectors and investors.
  • Maintain legal compliance and act within the law.
  • Identify and disclose any conflict of interest that may arise.
  • Seek and offer investments which provide quantifiable social benefits and are with low environmental impact.
  • Attract, retain and motivate exceptional talent.

In this link you will find the Panamanian Securities Law, which is a 132 page document.

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