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Inverziona connect Capital with Business by originating and structure selected Debt and Equity funding opportunities

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Hemp Development Fund

Equity Funding US$ 8.5 MM

Private Investment Fund

  • Different Share class placement
  • Seed, Crops, Extraction, and Retail
  • ROI 12.0% p.a. + 65% Performance
  • Minimum investment: US$ 100k
  • 1st round Placement Date (Q4 2021): US$ 3.1 MM

Agribusiness Panama

Equity Funding US$ 1.0 MM

Agricultural services company

  • Sale of common shares participation
  • Agricultural income-producing assets
  • Hurdle 8.0% p.a. + 50% Performance
  • Minimum investment: US$ 250k
  • 1st round: US$ 500K
  • Placement Date: Q3 2021

Connecting Capital with Business

Small and Medium Enterprise

Latam SME Fund

Equity funding US$ 10 MM

Private Investment Fund

  • B share class for short-term loans
  • C share class for capital funding
  • Hurdle 12.50% p.a. +50% Performance
  • Minimum investment: US$ 150k
  • 1st round Placement Date (Q3 – Q4 2021): US$ 1.0 MM

Connecting Capital with Business

IT & Fintech

Startup & Fintech Fund

Equity Funding US$ 10 MM

Private Investment Fund

  • B, C & D Share class placement
  • Debt & Equity transactions
  • ROI 15.0% p.a. + 50% P
  • Minimum investment: US$ 150k
  • 1st round: US$ 5 MM
  • Placement Date: Q4 2021

eGamers Latin American Platform

Equity Funding US$ 2.5 MM

Sell of common shares participation

  • Sale of common shares
  • ROI 25.0% p.a.
  • Upside 10x
  • Minimum investment: US$ 125k
  • 1st round: US$ 1 MM
  • Placement Date: Q3 – Q4 2021

Connecting Capital with Business

Construction Materials

Puzolana Cement Plant

Equity Funding US$ 4 MM

Sell of 40% share participation

  • Sell of common shares from panamanian LCC
  • Plant completion and working capital
  • ROI 35.0% p.a.
  • Minimum investment: US$ 250k
  • 1st round: US$ 2 MM
  • Placement Date: Q3 2021

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