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As a multidimensional hub, Panama offers world class logistics facilities and a distinctive distribution platform

Country Info

  • Panama has a stable government and a growing economy for more than 15 years.

  • The US dollar is the legal tender since 1904.

  • Residents do not pay taxes on business income abroad.

  • Foreigners can buy and own properties in Panama with the same rights and protections as Panamanian citizens.

  • There is an incentive program for retirees (Pension program), it is one of the best in the world, it is not necessarily related to age and the benefits are considerable.

  • Panama has a number of standard health care facilities in the United States and services provided by many English-speaking Panamanian doctors trained in the United States.

  • Panama has a reliable communication system with fiber optics. Telephone lines and much of the country have ADSL internet.

The Flag of Panama

The flag of Panama consists of four rectangular sections equal in size. The top left and bottom right quadrants are white in color, while he top right quadrant is red and the bottom left quadrant is blue in color. A 5-pointed blue star is located in the upper left corner and a 5-pointed red star is located in the lower right corner. The design, known as the Bandera of Panama in the Spanish language, was officially adopted on March 25, 1925. The current design is based on the original design of Panama’s flag, which was created by María de la Ossa de Amador in 1903. De la Ossa later served as the First Lady of Panama between 1904 and 1908. Today, she is often referred to as the “Mother of the Nation.” Flag Day in Panama is celebrated on November 4th, which is the day after Panama declared its Separation from Colombia.

Panama´s Industries Information

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Panama Renewable Energy
Why Panama Program
Panama Multimodal Logistics
Panama Manufacturing
Panama Maritime Services
Panama Duty-Free Zone Law
Panama Multinational Company Law

Companies already established in Panama

Airlines arriving to Panama

International Flights to Panama

International flights arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY), located 15 mi (24 km) east of Panama City. Tocumen is the largest and busiest airport in Panama and Central America by passenger traffic. It serves 31 countries with non-stop flights and is the home airport of Copa Airlines. Direct flights to/from the U.S. include Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, New York (JFK), Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Chicago O´Hare, Los Angeles, Washington Dulles, and Las Vegas. Canadian cities Montreal and Toronto have direct flights to Panama City. The European cities of Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, and Amsterdam are also served. Daily flights to several cities in neighboring Colombia and Costa Rica, as well as many cities in the Americas, make Tocumen very well-connected. Despite the airport´s recent 2006 expansion and renovation, Tocumen still is convenient and maneuverable, with easy, straightforward access of one terminal to drop-off and pick-up passengers, parking, check-in, baggage, customs and more.

Direct flights between Denver, Colorado and Panama City with United.

Passengers traveling from Costa Rica with AirPanama also have the option of arriving in Panama´s third largest city, David, at Enrique Malek International Airport.

Bocas del Toro Airport (BOC) is located in the town of Bocas and is about a one-hour flight from Panama City. Local travelers and tourists can also fly in and out of Bocas del Toro via Costa Rica.

For travel within Panama, Albrook International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Albrook “Marcos A. Gelabert”) in Panama City also services many major cities and towns within Panama, including 2-3 daily flights to David with Air Panama. However, buses, taxis and rental cars are reasonable and secure forms of domestic transportation that make travel within Panama an enjoyable learning experience.

The two longest flights are Panama City (PTY) to Istanbul (IST) which takes around 12 hours and 55 minutes and Panama City (PTY) to Frankfurt (FRA) with a flight time of 11 hours and 0 minutes.

Copa Airlines ( is the largest airline here by counting the number of departures. With around 1116 scheduled take-offs every week.

Tocumen International (PTY) is the largest airport in Panama and is based in Panama City. You can fly to 87 destinations with 19 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

Destinations & flights. The most frequently departed route is the route to Bogota (BOG) in Colombia with an average of 64 flights from Tocumen International every week which is 5% of all weekly departures. There are domestic flights to David (DAV). The two longest flights are Panama City (PTY) to Istanbul (IST) which takes around 12 hours and 55 minutes and Panama City (PTY) to Frankfurt (FRA) with a flight time of 11 hours and 0 minutes.

Popular airlines. Copa Airlines is the largest airline here by counting the number of departures. With around 1116 scheduled take-offs every week, that’s about 32 times as many as the second biggest airline, AVIANCA. Larger aircraft on this airport are Boeing 777, Airbus A340 and the Airbus A330. The aircraft types with most scheduled flights are the Boeing 737 and the Embraer 19X/17X.

Longest flight. The route with the longest flight time from Panama City (PTY) is to Istanbul (IST) and takes about 12h 55min with a Boeing 787-9

Copa Destinations – Direct Flights

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