Inverziona Reservation Platform

Connecting Capital with Business

Inverziona connect Capital with Business by originating and structuring selected Debt and Equity funding opportunities

Invest and participate in Private Loan Contracts and Capitalization processes and reach annual returns from 8.0% p.a.

Discover a new online way to access Latin American Equities Markets, and get the best returns from your investment.

  • Private Loans, Common and Preferred Shares issuances.

  • Available Fiduciary, SRL and SA Vehicles registered in Panama, USA and Europe.

  • Multi-Industry, Seller, and Buy Side deals

  • Due Diligence and Legal documentation available

  • Tailor-made funding opportunities

How it works ?


Register here and choose your equity and debt targets. Go to Cart and click proceed to receive your reservation.


Please contact us to sign this NCND Agreement, get a detailed Placement Termsheet, online meeting and start Due Diligence right away !


Once you decide to invest, you will receive investment documents (Shares and Fiduciary Certificates) and will be invited to corporate events and monthly reports of performance from portfolio

Get the money !

You will receive regular and extraordinary dividends according to results, directly from the targets.

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